and Passion Projects
Creating engaging visuals while sticking to brand guidelines is the designer's challenge, even on seasonal posts.​​​​​​​
Instagram carousel Design Template
Instagram Christmas Carousel Inspiration
Public Figures
Carousel design for Dr. Rangan Chatterjee's
Social media look & feel for Tej Lalvani the CEO of Vitabiotics, and one of the "dragons" on the BBC series Dragons' Den
My client wanted a poster designed as the "Vitamins Man." The result was very satisfying for him.
Social media graphics for Baroness Michelle Mone of Mayfair OBE​​​​​​​
Mexico National Team Jersey Design
Sarape Pattern Green Serape
This concept jersey is based on a traditional attire called "Sarape"​.
As a Mexican living abroad, I realized that tourists enjoy this vestment, and a design inspired by this would appeal to both foreigners and locals.
The home jersey is always green, so a contemporary "Sarape" pattern was designed using different shades of green.
Jersey Design Mexico Seleccion Mexicana de Futbol
My First Mural
UnderPinned headquarters needed a freshen-up, and as a Lead Designer of the company, I offered myself to paint a mural.
UnderPinned Mural Design Creative Process
This piece represents its history, which has evolved and consequently its graphics as well, the challenge was to create a mix of these always maintaining a balance in the composition, the windows in the middle represent each section of the virtual office.
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