Logo Design & Visual Brand Identity
Exclusive restaurant and delicatessen located in Margate, Kent. Menus are based on using the best seasonal ingredients to create beautiful modern British dishes.
The brief was to create a brand identity that blended modern British fine dining with a grand European cafe atmosphere.
Restaurant Logo Animation
Visiting the restaurant was a must for getting the real feeling, once you enter the building you are greeted by this stunning marble fireplace. It is the personality and unique details that captivated me so much that it could not be ignored as part of the brand identity.
Restaurant Logo Inspiration
Restaurant Logo Inspiration Details
Restaurant Logo in Vector in Illustrator
As a main component of the brand identity, it needed to be vectorized so that it could be adapted to a wide variety of applications. Initially, the image was traced in Illustrator. All the details were then cleaned up, some had to be replaced so it looked balanced and sharp.
Additionally, a contemporary script font was added to give the logo an elegant and traditional European look, and a slab serif was used as a secondary font.
Restaurant Logo
Restaurant Logo on Window Mockup
Restaurant Website Design

As the deli was separate from the restaurant, it needed to have its own identity, but also be part of the same branding.
To achieve this, the same fonts were used, and an illustrated iconography of products on sale was added to give it a more relaxed feel in comparison to the restaurant.
Patterns logos for restaurant
Restaurant mockups
Restaurant t-shirts design
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