Brand Refresh
A leading esports, gaming, and lifestyle company headquartered in Dubai, Galaxy Racer has a presence in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Europe.
In addition to a lack of consistency among GXR accounts, the brand was starting to look old, despite its main inspiration being the 1980s. In order to accomplish this, the brand needed to be refreshed without losing the 80's nostalgia but also look cutting-edge.
Galaxy Racer New Branding
Keeping this in mind, and taking into account that the logo is well-known in the industry, it was decided to keep the Andromeda as the main icon and complement it with the original 80s text.
Galaxy Racer Before and After Logo
Galaxy Racer Website Design
Following social media graphics are based on the retrofuturism movement from the 1980s and contain contemporary details like a mirror effect resembling a spaceship's window or glitch texture backgrounds. 
Content creators or events organized by Galaxy Racer must push boundaries while adhering to brand guidelines and having their own personalities.
Galaxy Racer Naji vs AboFlah Streaming Event PUBG Mobile
Announcement graphic for Beki's World joining Galaxy Racer
Galaxy Racer AboFlah Live Now Graphic
Galaxy Racer Fortnite Banner
 Galaxy Racer Alternative Retro Banner
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