Brand Refresh
The Hook Logo Animation
The Hook launched in 2014 and rapidly grew to become one the world's largest youth media channels with over 10M following across all platforms. We live in a fast-paced world, and by 2019 The Hook brand was looking outdated.
The Challenge was to create a strong brand refresh in order to grow the media audience and influence.
The Hook Instagram Mockup
Due to the product's aim to reach a young audience and they were used to The Hook's colour palette, changing them was not an option even though the colours look dated. 
In order to make the brand stand out, an eye-catching gradient of red was created with the original red. The Hook's black was paired with the solid tone of black as a complement to the red gradient.
The Hook New Logo
In order to keep the logo up to date a slight change in the tone of red was adapted, which is hardly noticeable to the human eye.
The Hook before and after
Considering that Facebook is the main platform with over 7.5M followers and based on Facebook's Partner Monetisation Policies it was necessary to place The Hook's stamp on the page, especially in videos.
The Hook before and after social media
Video Banner
The Hook Old Facebook
Apart from updating the assets such as profile picture, cover image, etc., the solution for videos was to completely change The Hook's user experience. The video banner changed from central to left alignment with the sentence case, allowing an easier read for the user.
In order to create contrast both gradients are available to use depending on the footage.​​​​​​​
The idea of using graphics to highlight key points of the video is an amazing tool to keep the viewer's attention but in this case, it was doing the opposite. The heaviness of the text plus a white box was distracting instead of supporting the message, to fix this issue and in order to keep consistency, it was built from scratch.
Using sentence case and an animated red gradient box only to highlight the keyword will allow the viewer's eye to focus
on the text without losing attention.
The Hook Before and After Design
Kinetic Text & Rewind + Replay
For comedic sourced content that includes a person/people speaking, the kinetic text helps to generate visual engagement, to add extra humour, and incorporates The Hook stamp.
The rewind + replay effect is a powerful tool to highlight key moments of action.
The Hook New Graphics
Animated Graphics
Following brand guidelines, unique animated graphics were created to point out funny moments as well as help increase views and audience retention.
The Hook Facebook
Last but not least endboard was changed in order to keep consistency with brand guidelines. From a simple red logo & white background to an animated red gradient with the logo's silhouette representing what the company does, basically letting the content speak for itself. 
The Hook Facebook New
The Hook Facebook New
Inconsistencies with format and style were causing the account to lose engagement, so following the new brand guidelines, a set of rules was created to maintain consistency.
The Hook Instagram before and after
The Hook Instagram old banner
Like Facebook, adding graphics to the picture increases engagement. Both banners were available and selected based on the image to maintain continuity with the brand.
The Hook Instagram new banner
The Hook Instagram new banner
If a meme is modified it is no longer funny. In order to maintain brand consistency, The Hook's logo was inserted into the top right corner.
The Hook Instagram
Due to a lack of guidelines, every single story looked different and off-brand.
The new look features a red gradient box in the center with all-caps text and a swipe-up call to action. As a result of this change, website views increased dramatically.
The Hook Instagram Stories
For the cover image and video outro, the decision was to add famous faces in order to show the viewer the kind of content that The Hook creates, from junkets with Hollywood stars to mini-documentaries featuring sporting heroes.
The Hook YouTube Design Cover Header Thumbnail Design
Brand Identity Elements
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