Visual Brand Identity
Guild Esports Logo
Guild Esports is an esports organization headquartered in London and co-owned by David Beckham.
The challenge was to develop a visual brand identity that complements Fergus Purcell's logos and embraces a new level of excellence in competitive gaming and entertainment.
Social media is a crucial component of building a legacy in the industry of esports, which requires a higher standard in order to stand out.
To achieve this, custom illustrations, trademark imagery, and rough textures used alongside a thick font and a minimal secondary font elevate the graphic to a premium level. An innovative approach that the esports scene hasn’t seen on a large scale.
Guild Esports Cover Image
Stream Events
The look and feel of every event need to be unique, while always following our brand guidelines, here are some examples.
Tom Grennam Guild Esports Event Streaming Graphic
Guild Esports Rocket League The Grid Match Day Graphic
HEN Fortnite Guild Esports Cover Image Twitter Twitch Graphic
Tayson Fortnite Guild Esports Cover Image Twitter Twitch Graphic
Brand Identity Elements
Guild Esports Brand Identity
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