Logo Design & Visual Brand Identity​​​​​​​
TomWellyWells is not your average artist—he's a dynamic spray paint artist and content creator who's captured the attention of over 3 million followers across all platforms. Tom's meteoric rise on TikTok led to a hastily created branding that didn't quite stand the test of time, prompting an urgent need for a re-branding overhaul.​​​​​​​
The Brief
Tom's branding was a bit scattered, with an online store named "Welly's Spray Shack" causing confusion with his artist persona as TomWellyWells. The challenge was to craft a cohesive and timeless brand identity that unified everything under one umbrella.
After the initial meeting, it was unanimously decided that consolidating everything under the name of Tom Welly Wells was essential to avoid confusion and establish a strong brand presence.​​​​​​
It's essential that the client is 100% involved from the beginning of the process. After all, it's their brand, and their satisfaction with the outcome matters most.
My process involves creating 3 different routes at an early stage, drawing from keywords gathered during the initial meeting. These concepts, coupled with client input, form the foundation for the final idea.
After brainstorming and developing these concepts, they were presented to the client to gather all necessary information to proceed to the next step. 
Tom was drawn to the moodboard of concept 1 but wasn't fond of the bubbly lettering. Instead, he loved the idea of incorporating an icon representing his brand with his initials, as presented in concept 2. As a result, the decision was made to create handwritten lettering that resonates with his craft and complement it with an icon to enhance brand recognition.
With this idea in mind, I decided to hit the streets and gather inspiration. After all, he is a street artist, and that graffiti feeling needed to be an integral part of the design.
Once I had a strong moodboard, it was time to dive into Procreate and begin sketching the lettering.
Tom was thrilled with the result; the lettering maintained that graffiti feeling while remaining clear and legible.
As a designer, it's crucial to consider all scenarios. Consequently, it was necessary to create an alternative option of the lettering that could adapt to various situations.
Now, it was time to shift our focus to creating the icon that would complement the logo.
Trusting the process is crucial, and after exploring numerous ideas based on my sketches, I was delighted with the outcome. Most importantly, the client fell in love with it immediately.
Combining both elements resulted in a timeless logo that embodies Tom's creativity and aesthetics, capturing the essence of his craft while maintaining a street-savvy and innovative cool vibe.​​​​​​​
I noticed that an element part of his videos and branding was his signature. At the end of the day, it's how you recognise an artist's artworks. I suggested making a digital version that could be used as a graphic element, and he loved the idea.
I also provide website design services, and his new website and online store underwent a redesign as part of the brand relaunch, here's the result.
Brand Roll Out
Brand Identity Elements
After finishing this project, considering my vast experience editing YouTube videos, Tom asked me to edit his latest vlog, and this is the result.
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